Buy your IT bag from Luxury Vintage Brescia, do it online!

Vintage and fashion lovers, get ready to dream! With the opening of the Luxury Vintage Brescia e-commerce, the best of the artisan tradition of the biggest fashion houses arrives online. In the refined shop in Via Dante in Brescia, and now also in the brand new digital store, you can find highly selected iconic models of the past: timeless bags with a timeless charm.

In the refined setting of the boutique, you can admire and try on iconic vintage models from the greatest maisons, perfectly restored. Bags that tell decades of Italian and international style, perfect for dynamic and elegant women. For lovers of clean and essential lines, the refined Chanel bags in matelassé leather cannot be missing, from the classic black to the maxi Jumbo version with the logo clearly visible. And again, the refined Dionysus by Gucci with a tiger head, the Celine Teen Triomphe with a modern design, the original Dior Saddle for gritty looks.

But what are the trends and vintage it-bags of the moment according to the catwalks? For SS 2023 evergreen models are in fashion such as the Kelly by Hermès, synonymous with timeless elegance, and the Vivienne monogram by Louis Vuitton, to be carried by hand or over the shoulder. The Chanel matelassé is also a timeless must, the excellence of chic Parisian style. Finally, for romantic looks embellished with precious details, the ideal choice is the Dolce Vita by Gucci in soft leather.

Luxury Vintage Brescia is the ideal destination to find the it-bag of your dreams and add a refined touch to your outfits. Let yourself be conquered by the eternal charm of vintage!

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